We have a wide choice of yoga styles for you to choose. Find a style that’s right for you or choose a different class each time you come based on your energy levels that day or just to give yourself variety. Whatever your age and fitness level, we’ll have a class to suit you. Get in touch if you’d like help to choose.

Aroma Yoga - a hatha yoga class with the added bliss of essential oils.

Ashtanga - A more traditional strong class that takes us from wherever we are to wherever we have potential for. Focus on breath and sequence to create a moving meditation. Good for body and mind. It’s a class that challenges you at your own edge - wherever that may be. A chance to grow stronger, more balanced, less stressed and leave with more energy than when you came in.

Beginners - a class designed as an introduction to yoga. Breaking down the yoga poses for correct alignment.

Forrest inspired - based on the principles of breath, strength, integrity and spirit. This class has a strong focus on core, holding poses for a little longer, releasing stress and truly connecting to ourselves.

Gentle Healing Yoga - Whether living with illness, a chronic condition, or on the road to recovery, gentle movement is a great way to nourish your spirit and support your wellness. This slow paced practice draws your body, breath and mind into the present, exploring joint mobility, balance, and strength, with time to relax and let go. Class size is small, with a warm welcome, and encouragement to do only as much as feels right for you on the day.

Hatha - a more gentle form of yoga. You’ll hold each pose until you deepen your stretch and feel your body unwind. There will be breathing techniques and meditation to relax mind and body.

Healthy Ageing - yoga for strength, stability and ease of movement using chairs and other props to enable ease of practice.

Jivamukti - a strong form of Vinyasa yoga with an intention set for the class with chanting and meditation.

Mindful Movement - In this class you’ll be guided through familiar yoga and maybe unfamiliar movement training aimed at improving brain to muscle control and proprioception in a mindful but fun way. Aimed at all physical abilities and the only requirement is to come with an open mind and a playful heart.

Mum & Baby - Yoga and conscious breathing to restore some calm, help you to feel happier. Feel free to feed, change, burp, rock your baby or just take a break whenever you like. Start as soon as your doctor says it's okay to exercise.

Mysore Ashtanga - a traditional way to practice ashtanga. Mysore practice is self-practice with the help of a teacher. You can do your own practice or the teacher will give you something to work on. You will then get individual assists and advice for deepening your practice.

Power Yoga - A strong-themed class for building strength, stretching the body with breathing and relaxation.

Pregnancy - A specialised vinyasa flow class for pregnant students. Suitable for those with no yoga experience as well as advanced practitioners wishing to continue their practice safely during pregnancy. A place to enjoy your pregnancy, meet other Mums to be, support your mind and changing body and prepare for labour and your baby’s birth.

Somatic Yoga - A new form of therapeutic movement - Somatic Yoga. A gentle form of yoga that encourages full and appropriate ranges of movement to strengthen and mobilise joints. Helps greatly with pain and injuries but is also beneficial for anyone wanting a gentle movement class.

Sunrise - flowing yoga, moving from one posture to the next with coordinated breathing. There will be new sequences in each class. A great workout, improving balance and coordination. Improves strength, toning and flexibility.

Vinyasa - flowing yoga, moving from one posture to the next with coordinated breathing. There will be new sequences in each class. A great workout, improving balance and coordination. Improves strength, toning and flexibility.

Yin - deeply relaxing and meditative. In Yin you hold seated and lying stretches for 2-6 minutes. These long, gradual stretches are used because they allow deep tissues within our body to be stretched, giving the body, mind and heart time to fully release. The slower pace of Yin gives an opportunity to explore the meditative aspects of yoga.

Yin Yang Yoga - Get your body moving, wringing out stresses both mentally and physically through a 45 minutes dynamic vinyasa practice, rolling into 30 minutes of deep yin meditation. Get moving, then get still - a complete practice for the best of both worlds.

Yin & Meditation - A slow-paced practice that uses long deep stretching, to enhance joint mobility and flexibility, with guided meditation.

Yoga & Meditation - a flowing class with a dedicated section for mindful breathing and meditation. There will be a focus on self-study. The aim is to permanently improve our well-being.

Yoga Playtime (Acro) - time to play. Fusing together yoga, acrobatics and play to move, feel good and have fun, you’ll leave with a smile.

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All yoga classes are at The Yoga Studio, First Floor, 53-57 Rodney Road, Cheltenham, GL50 1HX.

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