Eva Dias Krainitzki


I began practicing yoga when I moved to the UK to pursue my doctoral studies. I found in yoga the means to ease work-related stress and to increase my flexibility after years of martial arts training. Yoga is as a dynamic mediation that rinses the body of feelings of unease and soothes the internal chatter of your mind. 

My teaching style is secular, with very little Sanskrit. During class you are invited to inhabit your body as it is and to feel empowered to make choices that serve you. I tend not to play music, allowing you to focus on the sensations in your body. I do not use hands-on adjustments. 

I have a 200-hour RYT with Yoga Alliance which I gained with Ian Davis at OrangeYoga in 2017. I also completed a 20-hour Trauma Sensitive Yoga Workshop with Alex Cat (certified facilitator Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga /TCTSY). In my teaching I aim to be inclusive of all abilities and body identities.