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2 Day Ashtanga Secondary Series Immersion : Tina Pashumati James

  • The Yoga Studio 53-57 Rodney Road Cheltenham, England, GL50 1HX United Kingdom (map)

An opportunity to join a special group of dedicated students and experienced teachers to deepen your understanding of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga with one of Manju Jois’s advanced teachers.

2-Day (12hr) Second Series : Therapeutics and some Third Series
Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March 2020

Tina Pashumati James warmly invites you to join her for her Ashtanga Vinyasa 5-Day Immersion and 2-Day Immersions.

The 5 Day Immersion can be used as personal development, advanced training, a foundation course or as the required 30 hour pre-teacher training for those who wish to take their teacher training course at a later stage in India with Tina. 

Requirements to join the 5 Day Program:

- A passion for yoga

- A desire to deepen your own practice

- A daily yoga practice

- A minimum of 12 months practicing yoga, with a qualified teacher

For the 2 Day Program, the above and in addition:

- To have practiced the Ashtanga Primary Series, the Intermediate series and some of the Third Series.


Learning the traditional vinyasa count for the Primary Series

Philosophy and theory of Ashtanga Yoga and The Yoga Sutras

Sanskrit in the practice

Asana clinics

Assisting in a therapeutic way.

Spend your days immersed in your practice, learning about the correct method and technique, and the meaning and beauty of Ashtanga Yoga with Tina Pashumati.

If you love practicing Ashtanga Yoga or want to learn more about it, this is a wonderful opportunity to spend five days (or seven days) getting to know this beautiful tradition of Yoga. With daily morning led primary series practice and one Mysore, with an option to follow with a two day intermediate immersion - safely guided by Tina. Tina has included techniques and vedic mantra, pranayama workshops for Primary and Intermediate series, and some therapeutics for mental health cancer and much more, each student regardless of their experience, will be able to deepen and enrich their practice.

We will have a final Arati and also ponder the future of lineage and working to create a new way of looking at diet and lifestyle. We’ll journal daily and also each person will learn and share the opening and closing Ashtanga mantras.

Intensive Highlights:

• The principles of alignment in the Primary Series

• Introduction to the Intermediate Series at weekend (2 day Immersion)

• Learning about the traditional Sanskrit count

• The method of rhythmic breath ujjai

• Safe and effective hand-on assists

• Techniques of arm balances and handstands.

• Techniques of jumping vinyasas

5 Day Program:

Monday March 23rd
7-8.30am Led Primary. 9am-1pm Workshop.

Tuesday March 24th
7-8.30am Led Primary. 9am-1pm Workshop.

Wednesday March 25th
7-8.30am Led Primary. 9am-1pm Workshop.

Thursday March 26th
7-8.30am Led Primary. 9am-1pm Workshop.

Friday March 27th
7-8.30am Morning Mysore with Assists. 9am-1pm Workshop.

Total hours = 27 hours and 30 minutes. Plus 7 hours and 30 minutes book report.

Book Report for 5 Day Program:

Reading - Yoga Mala by Sri K Pattabhi Jois or Fundamentals of yoga Ramamurti S. Mishra, M.D.

1. Write a short concise book report - please write your name on the top of each page and write 2-4 pages with an overview of the book. What are the most compelling points of the book to you? How has this book impacted your view of yoga, your yoga practice?

2. Please write a one page focus of the month.

2 Day Program:

Saturday March 28th
7-8.30am Led Intermediate Series. 9am-1pm Therapeutics Workshop.

Sunday March 29th
7-8.30am Led Intermediate Series. 9am-1pm Workshop and Arati.

Total hours = 12 hours.

Venue : The Yoga Studio at Cheltenham Pilates & Yoga Studios, First Floor, 53-57 Rodney Road, GL50 1HX
Contact : / 07973 135089
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