Frankie Almond


As an ex Londoner, Frankie knew she had to find something to reduce the effects that the manic city had on her mind and body. She first came to the mat as a means to complement her time spent at the gym and to counteract the hours spent hunched over a desk, but she soon realised the positive effects yoga had on her and decided to make it her life's work.

She packed up her things and moved to India where she studied yoga and trained to become a yoga teacher. Having practised yoga for many years prior to her trip, she is very passionate about the way yoga makes people feel both mentally and physically. She believes that yoga is not just for the few that can bend themselves into pretzels, but for anyone looking to add a bit of clarity to their mind and agility to their body.

Her style is strong, flowing Vinyasa with a grounding in Ashtanga. Frankie is a 500 hour Advanced Certified Teacher having completed her further studies under Jason Crandell.