Olga Przysuszynska


Over 15 years ago I stumbled across a newspaper article about yoga. Back then there were no yoga classes in my hometown in Poland, I went to the library and borrowed the only book on yoga they had. It was a start of a beautiful journey which directed and influenced my life, finding yoga both on and off the mat.

As I moved to the UK I was able to develop my practice further attending classes. I fell in love with Yoga and to deepen my understanding of Yoga teachings I decided to undertake teacher training. 

In 2016 I completed RYT200 with Ian Davis. Inspired and eager to learn I carried on qualifying as RYT500 in November 2018. 

Personally as my self practice, Ashtanga is my absolute favourite and because of that I went on to do an Intensive Ashtanga Teacher Training with David Swenson. Along the way I have found another passion- Yin Yoga and concept of Energy Body – wanting to know more I completed 40h Yin Fundamentals training with Alex Belcourt.

I’m passionate about working with opposing forces- Yin and Yang. I bring elements of Ashtanga and Yin to my Hatha/ Vinyasa classes. I also integrate concepts of Subtle Body into my classes - Indian Chakras System, Chinese Meridians and Five Elements Theory.

Currently I am also really interested in AcroYoga and the joy it brings to my life. On a sunny summer day you can meet me and my partner in the park practicing together. 

My classes are inclusive- everyone is welcome- beside everything that goes on we work on building connection, making our practice deliberate and breathing consciously. Hopefully after my class you’ll leave the room feeling more balanced, grounded and energised than when you walked in.