This Saturday : Back pain or stiffness? This is for you.

Gentle Somatic Yoga for back pain and tension with Jeni Howland, this Saturday 24th March 2-4pm.We hold stress in our bodies – in tense shoulders, tight hips, aching back, sore neck. Gentle Somatic Yoga is a physically deep and educational movement therapy that restores and reconnects the interaction between brain and muscle, giving you the awareness and control to heal persistent tensions in your own body. Perhaps you spend a lot of time sitting, working at a computer, tablet or phone, or have niggling pain or tension in your back, neck or shoulders?   This is for you. No experience of yoga or somatic movement needed, there will be options for everyone. This workshop will leave you feeling relaxed and restored whilst also engaging your body and mind on a very physical and connected level. Cost £25.