A big welcome to our visiting teacher Diane

We’re so happy to welcome Diane Jackett, recently arrived from Zambia to join our Pilates team for 3 weeks in August. Di is an experienced Stott Pilates instructor, teaching mat, reformer, cadillac, chair, barrels and small equipment, and we are really thrilled that she is here to teach a variety of classes for us while some of our regular teachers are on holiday this month.

Originally from Cheltenham, Di has been teaching Pilates for 7 years, including classes at the British and American Embassies and International schools in Harare and Lusaka. She recently travelled to New York to attend the Stott Pilates symposium with the wonderful Moira Merrithew, founder of Stott Pilates, and senior instructor trainers.

Book online or via reception to try her classes. Di is also available for private one to one sessions for the next three weeks…just give us a call to reserve a slot.

Nicky Gladman