Sæunn Rut


Sæunn is an Icelandic Product Design Engineer turned Yoga Teacher. Having spent most of her younger years focused on dancing she found yoga shortly after graduating from university. Yoga quickly became a passion and started weaving its way into Sæunn's life, not only because of the physical benefits but mainly because of the incredible mental benefits. Her passion for yoga only grew and eventually she qualified as a Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher and continues to attend as many training courses and workshops as she can.

Sæunn’s classes are focused on mindful movement, finding the breath and linking it to each motion, she encourages feeling the movement and the pose rather than focusing on how it looks. She believes that tuning into the body, into each motion, allows you to then tune deeper into yourself and tap into your full potential.

In her Vinyasa classes Sæunn strives for a balance between stretching and strengthening, calming the mind whilst flowing between the two, believing that one should not exist without the other. The flow is alignment focused and slow but strong, challenging the body whilst tuning into the breath and stilling the mind.